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Hello everyone. This is Seiji Uehara, President of the Matsumoto Junior Chamber of Commerce.
2022 has begun, I am sure that many people in the Matsumoto area are suffering from the sixth wave of the new coronavirus infection.

Many of us members of the Matsumoto Junior Chamber of Commerce also hold positions of responsibility in our companies, etc., and we are struggling every day as young leaders to protect our companies and stores, and to protect our jobs, especially in the industries that are most affected.
Under these circumstances, what I am reminded of is the importance of being grateful for the various environments we have now, and of practicing and accumulating what we can.

Based on these thoughts, we thought, “At a time when we have our hands full with ourselves, we want to help those who are having a harder time than we are! So, for three days from January 18 to 20 last month, we held a street fundraising campaign for the Kingdom of Tonga.
During this period, the event was covered by many media outlets, and many citizens who sympathized with our wishes made donations.
Why would someone from a landlocked prefecture be fundraising for the tsunami disaster?
Is there a connection to the Kingdom of Tonga?
We believe that in this age of “with Corona,” it is very important and necessary to take positive actions, even if they are small, and to have a society that allows such actions.
Don’t you feel that there have been few reports on the damage in the Kingdom of Tonga recently?
If you do a little research, you will find that there are support activities led by rugby players, and it seems that there are still things we can do to help.
Our further desire is not only to “gain sympathy” but also to “expand the circle of sympathetic resonance”.
There is still very little information about the damage, but there is no doubt that the situation still needs a lot of support.
I strongly hope that this message will reach as many people as possible and that the circle of support will expand.
It’s already been a month and a half since we started 2022.
We will continue to take positive actions, so please stay tuned.

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